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   Cameron Frasnelly

General Manager


Douglas Electric is owned by the members it serves! More than just another electric utility with miles of power lines, transformers and meters, it is in fact the customers' cooperative. Along with our dedicated office and operating staff, you are its greatest asset.
You’ll notice there is a new picture on this site. After 26 years, Dave Sabala has retired and turned the reins over to me. I have big shoes to fill, and I’m jumping in with both feet to represent you to the best of my abilities. We just finished our strategic planning session, which will give me a good guideline for managing your cooperative. With that plan in hand, and a very experienced management and staff around me, we are in great shape moving forward.
There will undoubtedly be challenges, but I feel we have the ability to handle anything that comes our way. It will continue to be our pleasure to serve you. Click here for my current Member Message.

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