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Checks Are In The Mail!

Capital Credits reflect each member’s ownership in the cooperative. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, Douglas Electric does not earn profits like an investor-owned utility, but when revenues exceed expenses, the co-op earns margins. When the financial condition allows, those margins are allocated to the members based on the amount of electricity an individual member purchased.

Poles Being Testing In These Areas

Currently, Douglas Electric is conducting pole testing in the following areas: Elkton, Scottsburg, and Reedsport. Vehicles will have the Douglas Electric Cooperative logo on the side and employees will have either Cascade or Jensen's Tree Service identification. Feel free to ask them for ID, or call us at 1-800-233-2733 if you have any concerns.

New Ductless Heat Pump Promotion

In addition to a $1,000 rebate from Douglas Electric Cooperative for qualifying units, Energize Rogue and DC Smart Energy have partnered to provide a program offering additional incentives and opportunities.


REACH Air Medical Services

REACH Air Medical Services has moved to Roseburg offering Discounted Membership Rates for all Douglas Electric Cooperative Members. Click here for more information.

Third-Party Payment Companies

Douglas Electric Cooperative does not endorse nor partner with any third-party web-based payment providers. Click here to see the various "Ways To Pay" options avialable to you ditectly from Douglas Electric.

Incentives & Rebates 2017

Incentive/Rebate programs and procedures remain the same for 2017. Thanks to an arrangement with Efficiency Services Group (ESG), your cooperative is offers a wider range of efficiency incentives. Any questions regarding qualification requirements and procedures should be directed to ESG at 1-888-883-9879 or e-mail at The incentives are still funded by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). Along with that funding, BPA requires certain procedures and documentation.

What Is SmartHub?

This new website feature will allow you to make payments on your account, manage your electrical usage, and more! Take a look at our SmartHub Information Portal to get started!

Avian Protection Plan

A variety of birds use utility structures without consequence, however, large birds such as owls, hawks, and eagles are at greater risk of electrocution on utility structures. Electrocuted birds may interrupt electric service, start fires, and cause significant equipment damage. In addition, most birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it illegal to “take” these protected species. The U.S.